The Brand Styling Company was established in response to an apparent crisis-weary market demand for a new era of high integrity, forward-thinking, consumer business instinct and personalized expertise. 

The company philosophy is to keep things simple, firstly by ‘de-mystifying’ the multiple disciplines of Brand Management, and secondly, by focusing its experience and insight on recommending no more initiatives and actions than are truly necessary, whilst applying the most cost-effective management mix, to ‘style’ your brand for long-term, market-resilient, self-sustained success.

Thanks in particular to a strong background of product, trend and market research, combined with sourcing, product development, buying and negotiating, The Brand Styling Company has developed a truly international market perspective, with a strategic vision which fuses key commercial imperatives with instinctive brand sensitivity. This expertise is further reinforced by an intense twenty years of hands-on experience, from project management and brand communications to sales forecasting and merchandising, in erratic global market conditions, at the sharp end of the international fashion and consumer goods arena.

The Brand Styling Company prides itself on being a small company with wide horizons, which combines international mind-set with local emphasis, in order to provide a customized professional service, with the flexibility to reflect your brand’s unique concept and market dynamics.