Fair exchange

Fair exchange

Whilst The Brand Styling Company does depend on mutually professional, reliable, respectful and open relationships with its clients, in addition to the time-honoured gentleman’s (or lady’s) hand shake, an agreed and signed contract provides the formal basis of a consultancy commitment. The terms of the agreement naturally depend on the circumstances of the client, project and timelines.

The Brand Styling Company prefers not to talk about money, except that which they hope you, as the client, will make as a result of their support. Payment is, however, an essential part of theclient-consultant exchange, and as such is addressed at the earliest relevant point of contact. 

Depending on the type, length, and context of the consultancy project, invoicing and payment can take on the form of a deposit or retainer, followed by regular installments, which are calculated on a relevant rate (plus expenses), and mutually agreed to reflect the calendar months and completion of specific project deadlines. The preferred payment method is wire transfer, although in exceptional circumstances, prepayments or Letter of Credit may be required. 

Whatever the rate, timing, or terms and method of payment agreed, The Brand Styling Company relies on keeping the whole process as simple as possible.