Translating & Interpreting

Translating & Interpreting

The Brand Styling Company offers language expertise as an essential component to each of their products, as a means by which to ensure that the company, brand or product image in question is enhanced, not compromised, by its international communication, collateral and relationships.

Communication: the company’s first language is English.  However, as part of their international service, they also conduct their daily business in Italian and French.

Translating & Interpreting: the nature of their business requires that many of their products and services be translated or interpreted into/from the client’s or the consumer market’s language, such as for the definition, discussion or presentation of:

  • Concept, strategy and marketing plans
  • Marketing campaigns and communications collateral
  • Websites, direct sales catalogues, corporate literature
  • Events, press days, brand launches, store openings
  • Business negotiations, transactions, contracts
  • Research into markets, brands, products and trends
  • Function support for international relationships, activities and travel

The Brand Styling Company is therefore able to use perfectly translated or interpreted international communication, with the right ‘tone’ and ‘inference’ to promote the image, professionalism, and integrity of a company, brand, or product, as well as another opportunity to enhance your brand’s image and set it above the competition.