Training & Work Shop

Training & Work Shop

Ever since The Brand Styling Company was first approached to deliver bespoke training and workshops, this has proved a natural evolution to the product range, covering all areas of Brand Management, Merchandising, Buying, Marketing, and Styling.

Whether designed as a logical progression to an on-going consultancy, or as an independent project, the aim is to provide topic-specific training programs designed on a case-by-case basis, for both the corporate and the educational sector, such as:

  • Topic-specific presentations or training
  • Group workshops
  • One-to-one job training or shadowing
  • Professional coaching
  • Function cover
  • Team creation and building

The secret to The Brand styling Company training, however, is that each topic is approached through practical application to realistic working contexts, their successful outcome being demonstrated as depending upon finely tuned analytical and communication skills, including:

  • Reporting methods
  • Presentation skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Linguistic proficiency
  • Professional coaching and styling

The Brand Styling Company thus aims to instill those professional skills necessary to enable an aspiring company, brand or product to compete in today’s fashion and consumer goods sectors: a globally competitive market requires a globally superior approach.