Creative Direction & Styling

Creative Direction & Styling

A natural and popular extension to The Brand Styling Company’s product range, either as part of a Brand Management scenario, or as a separate project, is that of Creative Direction and Styling, which are important for the professional and consistent image of a company, brand or product, such as:

  • Brand, concept, or product launches
  • Press days, collection launches
  • Cocktail parties, charity events
  • Store inaugurations
  • Fashion shows
  • Photo shoots
  • Company seminars and presentations

The creative direction and styling expertise is available throughout the process, which can cover any or all of the following activities:

  • Concept definition, project calendar and management
  • Budget planning and negotiations
  • Sourcing and selection of locations, people, and products
  • Styling, including wardrobe, lighting, audio and presentations
  • Art direction, development, production and copy for marketing, PR, sales and communications materials

The Brand Styling Company are proud of their organizational abilities, instinct for selecting the right suppliers, and passion for perfectionism, all of which aspire to good value, great results, and client safisfaction.