The fuel of the consumer industry is product, and the sourcing, selection, purchase and management of that product can either make, or break, your business. The Brand Styling Company boasts over two decades of accumulated buying experience in the international arena, from boom to crisis, from fashion capital to developing market, from sartorial hand-finished tailoring to hi-tech manufacturing.

The Brand Styling Company’s buying programs are designed on a case-by-case basis, to incorporate one, all, or any combination of disciplines below:

  • Concept, strategy & buy plans
  • Market, product, trend research
  • Brand/product sourcing, selection and rationalization, supplier management and negotiation.
  • Buying by function: pre-season, replenishment, sale buys, and off-price
  • Buying by market level: for luxury, premium, mid-market, better high street
  • Buying by channel: wholesale and all types of retail (e.g.: stores, outlets, web, direct)
  • Buying by brand mix: multi-brand, mono-brand, or own brand
  • Buying by product: men’s, women’s, children’s apparel, accessories, jewellery, gifts, fragrance
  • Best practice: purchasing for sales and profit, for start-ups, brand resilience , or market growth
  • Buying support: training, coaching, shadowing, or even buying function and travel cover "

Whatever the specific needs of your brand, it comes naturally to The Brand Styling Company to want to use all their research and sourcing, eyes and instincts, connections and relationships, and of course, successes and challenges, to your benefit .