The backbone of any brand and sales aspiration, no matter how modest or ambitious the brand proposition, is merchandising: one cannot succeed without the other, as they are totally interdependent. Yet  the necessity for merchandising is often underestimated, its function sometimes confused, and thus its results frequently compromised.

An important benefit of The Brand Styling Company’s Merchandising support is that it clearly separates both wholesale and retail disciplines, while simplifying them down to their common basic principal of product, sales and profit management, to then demonstrate how they can adapt to the specific needs of the product category, collection or product range:

  • Function: a complete and comprehensive wholesale merchandise structure or retail merchandise plan, devised in conjunction with the relative brand strategy, design concept, channel mix, market coverage, consumer profile, prevailing trends, sales analysis and most importantly, the wholesale or retail sales targets
  • Approach: custom-designed for a brand’s single or multiple products, categories, or collections, relating to anything from high street to luxury; adaptable to any business size, from a single domestic flagship to international multiple sites; applicable to any sales channel, from full price to outlet retail, web or direct mail
  • Time scale: from as little as a week or month for a particular product launch or promotional event, to a season, a year, or even several years for a new product launch, brand extension, channel opening or market expansion.

Thanks to the above criteria The Brand Styling Company is able to demonstrate how to make merchandising work best for you, by keeping it simple and flexible, not only as a reactive, but more importantly pro-active means by which to achieve your brand and company ambitions.