Brand Management

Brand Management

Brand Management is the art of creating, sustaining, and building a brand. Whether deriving from a company, a product, or a service, brand assets are valuable, and whilst managing them effectively is complex, not managing them at all is far worse. CompetentBrand Management therefore remains a fundamental necessity throughout a brand’s lifecycle, no matter how successful the company and no matter how positive the market.

The Brand Styling Company aims to help businesses create, sustain and build brands by delivering tailor-made Brand Management designed to maximise the return on your investments and to encourage your brand’s continued positive momentum, whatever the brand’s context or business dynamic:

  • brand or company start-ups
  • business revival
  • new product launches
  • new channel launches
  • brand collaborations
  • brand extensions
  • co-branding
  • brand audits

The Brand Styling Company’s Brand Management projects can be designed to audit, create or revise, any or all of the following Brand Management concepts, which assume real-life significance and practical relevance once addressed in the context of your existing or aspiring brand proposition:

Brand Creation: Brand Definition, Brand Name, Brand Attributes and Brand Positioning
Brand Presentation: Brand Identity, Brand Image, Brand Personality
Brand Emotion: Brand awareness, Brand Loyalty, Brand Association, Brand Promise
Brand Validation: Brand Equity, Customer Equity, Brand Extension, Co-Branding
The Brand Management consultancy applies Research, Merchandising, Buying, and Marketing disciplines to these abstract concepts in order to convert them into your brand’s all-important ‘intangible’ assets, which acquire value, power and relevance once underpinned by those equally vital ‘tangible’ assets, such as:

  • A memorable and distinctive logo
  • A desirable, differentiated and well priced product
  • A receptive and expandable target market
  • A clear and well supported brand message
  • Exceptional customer service

The Brand Styling Company’s ‘step-by-step’ approach is designed to meet the more specific needs of more clients, more often, with a product which can be constantly updated, amplified and customized.